5 Tips on How to Make a Film Festival

Making a film festival is not as easy as people might think. Film festivals are important as they provide filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their films in front of a live audience. Film festivals are mostly organized by private firms, local governments, film and art societies, and schools. Making a film festival involves a lot of things. Here are 5 Tips on How to Make a Film Festival.

1.  Do research

Before you make a film festival, it is important to have enough knowledge. Therefore, you need to attend many festivals and experience it yourself. Attending various festivals helps you to know the mistakes that were made and how you can avoid such mistakes on your festival. You will also find ideas that you can incorporate when planning for your film festival.

2.  Start early

After you have decided to make a film festival, give yourself time to plan for it. It is essential that you take one to months of planning. Enough time will help you find the best location, get suppliers and have a program. The more time you have, the more sales you will make for the tickets. Advertising the film festival for two months give people enough time to make bookings and plan their attendance.

3.  Have a budget

In film festivals, artists, vendors, DJs, stage designs, lighting, food, and installations are required. It may cost you a lot of money. When you have a budget, you will be able to know the most important expenses to include and those that you can do away with. If your budget is low, you should look for vendors who will accept you to pay the deposit first and the rest of the amount later. It is important to have an estimate of the amount of money you expect from the film festival. To increase the amount you get from the film festival, you need to increase the attendance by making more sales. You can also ask for donations and sponsorships from companies.

4.  Find a location

When choosing a suitable location for your film festival, you will find that there are venues that are already set up for film festivals. Before booking a location, have an estimate of the attendance, decide whether you want indoor or outdoor, know how many days that the film festival will last and the cost of that venue. The venue should have enough space for parking, vendors, and security. Also, note that some venues provide equipment such as the sound system.

5.  Have a marketing strategy

If you want the film festival, ensure that you promote it. You can use various marketing strategies such as posters, flyers, billboards, local radio stations, and online platforms. Marketing your film festival should start early to help you get the various statistics that you need.

When making a film festival, you need help from friends and professionals in the industry. It can be overwhelming trying to do it yourself. Make sure that you follow the above guidelines, and you will have a successful film festival.

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